We are looking for a coach who can conquer African Football..’ Mulindwa.

Lawrence Mulindwa Credit: © Vipers SC

The Former FUFA President, now the owner of Viper Sports Club and proprietor of St Mary’s Kitende Secondary School
, DR Lawrence Mulindwa while addressing the media at St Mary’s Kitende today, 28th June on matters of the club and Ugandan football fraternity at large, hinted on their journey they have embarked on search for new Head Coach.

Lawrence Mulindwa talked about the qualities and things they are looking from new head coach looking beyond winning a Uganda Cup or League.

Fred Kajoba who happened to be the head coach in the current vacant position, was asked to chose between Coaching the National team goalkeepers or concetrate on Viper SC head coach role, but for him decided to stay with Uganda Cranes goalkeepers coaching role.

And Coach Kiwanuka Paul has been the working on interim basis at the time when sports in the country were put on hold due to Covid-19 pandemic.

“The recruitment excercise is on, have already started,” Mulindwa confirmed to the media about bringing on Head Coach before adding.

“We are looking for a coach, this time round experienced coach who will add value to Uganda Football and that’s very important because they are the clubs which give the [Uganda] Cranes the product they they need,

“So we need a coach who will come and add value to these players here, we have so many players, we are the suppliers of the players here, the manufacturer from St Mary’s Kitende school to the Viper SC youth structures…, But are those players being used properly or looking for finished products from other clubs or outside Uganda..?,

“So we need a coach who is already experienced, who has exposure and has seen enough.., somebody with character, somebody with winning mentality, a coach who can be respected by the players, a coach who has come to archive not to celebrate because you have won the Uganda Cup.

“We need a coach who will strengthen our youth programme, because we have a lot of talent here from the school, those products from senior six, they are very many of them, we have them.

Mulindwa questioned the contributions of past coaches they have hired to the team…”But what has been your contribution since you came..if I ask some of the past coaches we have had including the recent one, what has been your contribution to St Mary’s from the time you arrived here …give me 3 ..they may fail to mention any.

“I want some one, [of] I have built a team even of I [coach] leaves today you can continue taking trophies in the next three years, that’s kind of a coach I need,

“So this were we are, we need a coach who is very Professional and somebody with character, enough exposure who has seen enough, some one who is going to conquer African Football.”

Mulindwa added that the new coach will work with the Technical team which is in place.

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