WAGAGAI Sports Day 2022.

‘Netherlands’ fans celebrating after winning final of football.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ this is a proverb that means that work without play, a worker becomes bored and that was at one of the leading export flower farm cuttings at Wagagai flower farm ground over the weekend on 28th May 2022 in Nkumba Buffulu were workers were off duties having fan and taking part in different sports disciplines.

The workers participated in many games such as Football, Netball, Volleyball, Javelin, Shot put, Discuss, arrow shooting and Athletics.

Netherlands Football team posing for a photo before the final.

The workers contested in their respective countries namely; Netherlands, Germany, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

The games have been run for three weeks and yesterday was the final day of the games.


Netherlands beat Germany in the finals on penalty shoot outs (5-4) after playing to a goalless draw.

Netherlands taking on Rwanda in netball final.

Netherlands beat Rwanda

Rwanda Volley team posing for a photo before their final with Uganda.

*Volley ball
Rwanda beat Uganda (2-1)


Netherlands were the overall winners after collecting 285 points in all sports disciplines, Rwanda were runners up with 260 points, Germany, Uganda and Kenya came 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

Wagagai sports Committee chairman, Annet Nakibuka and her Vice Timothy Magoola taking guests through the Germany and Netherlands teams before football final.

The newly elected Chairman of Wagagai Sports Committe Nakibuka Annet thanked the management, country presidents and everyone who have issuered these games go as planned.

“I welcome every one on this day, I want to first thank the management, country President to give us this chance to participate in these games,” Said Wagagai Flower farm Committee – Nakibuka Annet.

“The journey has been long, three weeks ago,  we started these games and much was expected, we have reached the climax of these games we came to work together and we worked as a team. I wish the winner the very best.”

The Human Resource Manager – Joseph Balondemu thanked the sports committee for organizing such a colorful event.

“I want to thank the sports committee led by Nakibuka Annet, all Country Presidents and organizing committee to organize this event, of course there is only one winner and want to congratulate the winner and those that have not won to get prepared for next season.” Joseph Balondemu – Wagagai Human Resource Manager.

Wagagai Limited Human Resource Manager – Joseph Balondemu giving speech.

Then the Managing Director (M.D) was amused with the fan and commended Sports for being a uniting factor.

“Good evening, I have never seen such fan of today, well done, I real enjoyed, now I know sports brings together ‘asnate sana’ thank you very much.” Mr. Naila – Wagagai Managing Director .

The winner won a title together with a bull and second placed walked away with a goat

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