Victoria Series: Teams Express Readiness


The mandatory captains press conference was held on Monday at Nob View Hotel in Ntinda ahead of the start of the Victoria Series due Tuesday, and what a positive vibe the five captains exhibited!

The competiting countries including UAE, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda are separated by 11 positions ranking wise -with UAE (15) the highest ranked and Rwanda (26) the lowest ranked- but the confidence levels from all camps is uplifting.

Rwanda the least ranked nation promises nothing but good cricket. Their Captain Diane Marie Bimenyimana who returns to Uganda for the second time in four months following her participation at the Waterfalls Elite League in January says;

“We are coming here to play good cricket. We want to play what we’ve been practicing during our trainings. We had a lot of games before coming here, and we saw our weaknesses so we worked hard on them. Expect good cricket from us.”

Kenya are no different from Rwanda interms of what they promise to deliver. “We just want to display good Cricket, play one game at a time. We definitely want to win all our games, hopefully make it to the final and take the cup.” Sharon Juma, the Kenyan skipper asserted.

The big dog in this event UAE through their captain Chaya Mughal sounded a warning to the rest of the park. The goal for them is to win the trophy. Nothing else.

“Our aim is very clear, we are here to win and just to show what we are capable of. Girls have a lot of potential and we just want to play out best cricket.”

Fatuma Omary Kibasu, the Tanzanian captain was unable to communicate to the press due to language barrier, but her vice Shufaa Mohamedi said; “I hope we come on top and win the tournament.”

For the hosts Uganda, the fact that their first game is against Rwanda is an advantage, team captain Consy Aweko insisted.

“Starting against a lowly ranked team helps you to pick up the momentum of the tournament. Starting with a highly ranked team isn’t bad, but you know you get that foundation when you start with a team that’s not too challenging for you. It gives you the tempo of the tournament.”

Uganda will face Rwanda tomorrow in the afternoon in what will be the second game of the tournament.

Kenya against UAE will bowl off the tourney on Tuesday morning. All eleven games will be played at Lugogo cricket oval.

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