Victoria Series: Aweko Expresses Readiness For Uganda

Victoria Pearls captain Consy Aweko is adamant the preparations and the training they’ve had since the start of February has the team ripe and well set for the Victoria Series that get underway on April 16.

The tournament will bowl off on Sunday at the Lugogo Cricket Oval, with Uganda taking on Rwanda in their opening game. It will be the first time the Victoria Pearls will be involved in any kind of competition since winning the Quadrangular Invitational in Nairobi Kenya, last year in December.

“We have been playing many games and also we have been working on our fitness twice a week with coach Emmanuel,” Aweko said of her side’s readiness.

“Us training together as a team has helped us in team bonding and getting to know each other. We have also worked hand in hand with coach Laurence Mahatlane so I believe we are ready for this.”

Five countries including UAE, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and the hosts Uganda will take part in this event, but the former two come as the highly ranked sides with UAE ranked 15th in the world leading the ranking at the event. Aweko is especially excited to face the two, saying it is a “win win” for her side.

“Playing against Tanzania and UAE is really a win win for us because of their position in the rankings. We will still gain points even if we lost to them.”

The lady Chevrons of Zimbabwe are the defending champions of this event, but with the side sitting out this edition, a new winner awaits come 23rd April.

Kenya will bowl off the tournament on Sunday morning against favourites UAE who are eight places above them in ranking. Still with grading, Uganda is 21st in the world, Tanzania 16th while Rwanda are 26th.

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