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Tight Standard Operating Procedures imposed on sports amidst its resumption



Sports activities to resume following declaration from President Museveni’s nation address on covid-19 in which he lifted sports that are held in open spaces.

As Federation of Uganda Football Association seeks to respond to recent released Confederation of African Football champions league calendar, stakeholders have been engaging government to have football activities lifted led by President of FUFA Moses Magogo.

Lifting of sport activities has left those with indoor game activities still under lockdown. According to Head of State Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, indoor sports activities have limited space for social distancing and thus, stand high chances of contracting the deadly virus.

Opening of sports activities came along with some many regulations that need to be respected by respective teams and these include having no spectators during trainings and ongoing games.

Mandatory testing of players after two weeks which when absorbed will cost teams over twenty four millions per month in regular testing without including junior teams.

However, this leaves many questions unanswered of who is to be responsible to meet these expenses at the time when the sports sector is economically crippled.

Most teams in major football leagues in this country have been orienting revenue from gate collections from spectators who are now banned from reaching in the proximity of ongoing sports activities.

According to Ssenkiima Huzaipha a sports analyst currently in South Africa believes, it is difficult for teams to meet required mandatory regular testing when most of them have always struggled financially in the normal situation, then what of this time in an abnormal situation when the economy more crippled.

With no doubt, Most teams not in football fraternity but also other sports categories like netball, beach soccer, athletes and basketball will meet hard time to operate amidst these tight regulations.


National of Sports in Uganda hardly pronounces its stand as far as lobbying support from the government through the Ministry of Education and Sports to fund the crippled sports sector now that most sports teams are privately owned.

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