Stallions Overcome Adversity to Clinch MUBS Circuit


Heathens Rugby Club feeder side— Stallions, emerged as champions in the second round of the URU central 7s held at MUBS.

They defeated the KOBs feeder side—BOKs with a score of 12-7 in the final.

Stallions’ victory showcased their ability to bounce back from a disqualification and rise above adversity to claim the ultimate price.

In the opening round at Makerere, Stallions faced a major setback when they fielded a non-registered player in their semifinal clash against Jaguars.

Despite this unfortunate oversight, they showcased their prowess on the field and remarkably reached the final.

However, their achievement was short-lived, as they were subsequently disqualified due to the violation. The ruling left Stallions seated last on the series’ log.

As fate would have it, Stallions’ semifinal opponents—Jaguars, were given the opportunity to progress to the final due to the disqualification.

However, they were unable to capitalise on the unexpected turn of events and succumbed to defeat against the Kitante Eagles.

Undeterred by their previous misfortune, Stallions entered the second round of the tournament with renewed determination, demonstrating an unwavering spirit, leaving no room for doubt or hesitation, winning all their games till the final.

The Stallions’ journey to the final was filled with nail-biting moments including their semifinal clash against their rivals, Sailors, which saw them emerge victorious, booking their spot in the final.

Meanwhile, in the other semifinal fixture, BOKs upset round one winners—Eagles, to deny them an opportunity to play in their consecutive series final, and also setting up an all reserve league teams final.

The final circuit of the URU Central 7s will be played at Namatte Grounds in Entebbe on 15th and 16th July, where the overall ultimate winners will be determined.

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