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Shawn clarifies on players debt salaries of players.



Sports Club Villa Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Shawn Mubiru has come out to clarify on Sports Villa players who are demanding their salaries close to 10 months and massive exodus of players.

Its no longer rumors or hear says Villa players are demanding their salaries as this was evidently revealed by their midfielder who is now out of contract, Emmanuel Kalyowa who came out to express his discomfort on how the Club has treated them.

Kalyowa Emma is not happy with the club saying how the club has failed to pay them their salaries and paying deaf ear most especially during this covid-19 period and most annoying one when the club called some section of players to pay them and leaving them out.

“As a club, we had players, those that we thought should have got playing time elsewhere. There are those whose contracts had ended and the club chose not renew, because some of them spent most time of last season injured. My point exactly is that there is no exodus.” Shawn Mubiru tweeted.

“On Financials, just like any business, the club is working towards building assets to enable it have financial independence and sustainability. All these things take time building, we are working on all these steps that will make us financially stable and sound.”

” On unpaid players salaries, I have been clear from day one, that all those that have taken part in serving the club whether nonplaying and playing staff will be paid once the club is in the position to do. Just like any business, the club is also struggling in these times.”

Some of the players who are said to be out contract with SC Villa and reluctant to renewing their conttacts includes, Samson Kirya, Kirya Ambrose, Ibrahim Kibumba, Yayo Lutimba and Ronald Magwali.


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