SC Villa to use Villa Park Compensation money to build a stadium.

(L-R) Bakaki, Katongole, Misaga and Nkemba.

Sports Club Villa Executive had an interaction meeting together with the fans on Sunday, 11th September 2022 at Villa Park.

The club’s former President, Eng: Immanuel Ben Missaga who is now occupying the position of Vice President in charge of Mobilisation and fans affairs on the Executive called the said meeting.

A number of issues were discussed and the senior Vice President, Bakaki Daniel, represented the Club President, Hajji Omar Mandela, and  delivered the message to fans who attended the meeting on his behalf.

Bakaki hinted on the money which was got from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) as a compensation for destroying part of Villa Park in order to contract the flyover, the senior President said that the money would be used to purchase a piece of land where they are going to build the stadium for the club.

“The money from Villa Park Compensation will be put on Villa Members Trust Fund account, which will be used to purchase piece of land for the club for the construction of the stadium because getting out own home is one of the Executive’s priority.” Said excited Bakaki to the fans.

“When everything is done in acquiring the land, we shall come here [Villa Park] and tell you all the details and this would be before the end of the year.”

The said amount of money is approximately above 3 billions Ugandan Shillings.

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