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SC VILLA: To be owned by Villa Members Trust.



The 16 times Uganda premier league Champions and 9 Uganda cup holders, Sports Club have so long been embroiled with problems of ownership of the Club, which inaugurated the new interim Committee after Immanuel Ben Missaga resignation in July 2018.

The interim Committee headed by their former player Eng: William Nkemba was put in place and tasked to organize the club, Organize elections with defined ownership of the club.

For the past two seasons, the interim Committee has been in charge which saw the Club almost got relegated to lower division in 2019 but turned everything round in the following season managing a 3rd place finish.

In a presser organised today 14th October by the interim Committee at Sheraton hotel Ballroom Kampala, attended by the interim Chairman William Nkemba, Denis Sebugwawo Mbidde, Guy Kawuma, Hampfrey Mandu and Dan Lule announced the new format how the club will be getting its ownership.

Sports Club Villa will be now owned by the Fans under the Members Trust who will be required to pay annual membership fee of 50,000 and registration commencing on 30th October to end on 31st 2020.

Both online and practical registration will be accommodated at the SC Villa new offices located in Industrial Area Kampala.

From the Members Trust, Congress of not more than 120 will be formed to steer the sporting activities of the Club and will elect the Club President who will form his Executive from the Congress and employ Chief Executive Officer who will head the secretary to do the day to day running.

“We managed to go back to the roots of the club and we now announce the Villa Members Trust as the owners of Villa and will be duly incorporated on October 30.” Chairman Interim Committee William Nkemba told the media.

“Membership shall be for those persons who subscribe annually to its membership of paying an inauguration fee of UGX 50,000 to the club.”

“Current and future assets of Villa will be owned by the members. It is only the members who will have a say in affairs of the club.”

“This is an instrument which allows Villa to be a community owned club and this has been given the okay by the founding members,” he said.

To become a member of the Villa’s trust and be eligible to hold administrative duties with the club as Nkemba said; “We shall open the registration of the membership on October 30 to December 31.”

“This membership shall be open to all who have the best interest of the club, and it is only those who will be members who hold ownership and will decide the future of the club.”

“There will be a trust, headed by the trustees (the board and the custodians) within the trust there will be the congress which shall be the sporting arm of the trust.”

“There shall be an executive body headed by the President who shall be voted from the congress, and the president will pick his executive from the membership of the congress which shall not have more than 120 persons,” Nkemba said.

“The club president shall hold office for four years. He will be accountable as far as sporting success is concerned.”

“We shall also have a secretariat body headed by the Chief Executive who will perform administrative duties.”

“We have been able to restore the club to a comfortable sporting trajectory of the club and the governance structure put in place will be for the club’s prosperity,” he concluded.

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