Proline FC to play in Buganda regional league.

During the 27th Executive Committee sitting of Federation of Uganda Football (FUFA) on 31st August, one of the key decisions that were taken, wasP, ProlineFC to play in Buganda regional league despite having requested to play in Kampala regional league.

“The FUFA Executive Committee approved that Proline FC plays in the Buganda Regional League for 2022/2023 season. Proline FC acquired Nalubaale FC that was started in Buikwe, Buganda region, However FUFA Exco advised Proline FC to apply for registration in the Kampala Regional League for the 2023/24 season.” Fufa statement.

The decision didn’t go well with 2018/19 Uganda Cup Champions, because they thought they belong to Kampala region because they bought Nalubale FC in 2009 and played one season using the name before changing the name and relocating to Kampala where they have been playing for the last 12 years.

“We were advised that this was because we bought Buikwe based Nalubale in 2009 and we should apply to change regions if we didn’t want to play in Buganda.” Reads part of the statement released by Proline FC management.

Proline FC got relegated to third division last season after failing to stay in the FUFA Big league, a second tier league in Uganda football ranking.

In a released statement by Proline FC, they have accepted to play in the Buganda regional league.

“Because it’s Proline FC, all the above reasoning goes out of the window and we must toe the line and play where the “powers that be” decide we play. We feel aggrieved and hard done by to insist that we should register and play in Buganda regional league but unfortunately we are used to this kind of treatment and therefore, we will play, we are a football institution.”

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