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Omotoyossi Razack- “I don’t regret playing for Benin Over Nigeria”.



Omotoyossi Razack was born in Nigeria Lagos 19985, but the Nigerian Football Associations slapped him with a ban of five years for allegedly beating up a referee official in 2003. In the league game that involved his Club Sunshine stars and Enyimba international FC.

Omotoyossi decided to move to Pobe a neighbouring Village between Benin and Abeokuta playing for Avrankou Omnispor and later on switching allegiances to represent the Squirrel’s of Benin ahead of his parents Country Nigeria.

Omotoyossi whio is 34 years has come out to disclose that his best moment was playing against Nigeria and does not regret representing Benin.

” One of my best moments was playing against Nigeria. Playing against my friends, Oba (Obafami Martins) was there, Taiy (Taiwo) was there, Yobo (Joseph ) was there, ” Omotoyossi told during a live Instagram chat.

“These are the people I see every day we train together. It was like were playing ‘set’. It was also a moment to prove that no one should be left behind. I never regretted my decision to play for Benin Republic.”

Omotoyossi led the striking line in 2010 African Cup Nations for Benin in a 1-0 loss to Nigeria, thanks to Yakubu Aiyegbeni’s late penalty strike to hand Super Eagles of Nigeria a win.

He has represented the Squirrels 58 games scoring 21 goals and three goals of which scored against Uganda.

There is a stadium which is being contracted in the Benin city Catonoun and people have started suggesting that it should be named after Omotoyossi in recognition of his great works he has done for the country.

“I am happy to also say that people have suggested that the next stadium they have to build in Benin should be named after me, So why should I not thank God. In a country of over 11 million people and I am chosen among the few to be named after a stadium.” He added.

Uganda Cranes captain and Sundowns goalkeeper, Denis Masinde Onyango boldly names Omotoyossi, as his toughest opponent he has faced in his football career .

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