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NN Valencia has released details of the Chepteigey planned attack on world record



Joshua Cheptegei trains Credit: NN Running Team

World Records Day organizer NN Valencia released details of Chepteigey’s planned effort to break Kenenisa Bekele’s 15-year world record at 10,000 m from 26: 17.53.

Chepteigey is ready to move along with three pacemakers that have a predetermined target for a certain distance of 10,000 meters.

Dutch racer Roy Hoornweg will be the first pacemaker to attempt the first 1,500 meters in 3:55 time.

Roy will be handed over to Australian Ryan Gregson who will lead the pack in 3000 yards for 7:52.

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22-year-old Kenyan Nicholas Kimelli, whose career bests in the 5,000 meters are 12: 51.78 and 10,000 meters – 26: 58.01, will be the last pacemaker to aim at 13:05 in the 5,000 meters.

[su_quote url=”According to World Athletics”]Weather forecasters predict pleasant conditions with temperatures of 25 C at the start of the event.[/su_quote]

The race starts on October 7th at 10:30 pm EAT and will be broadcast live on the NN Running Team YouTube channel.

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