Namilyango Win First Circuit of School Rugby 7s

Namilyango College emerged as the champions of the first circuit of the schools’ rugby 7s 2023 hosted by themselves at the Wellington Grounds at Namilyango College on Sunday 11th June, 2023.

The fiercely contested final saw Namilyango square off against Hana International in a match that kept spectators on the edge of their seats until the very last moment.

The encounter kickstarted with both teams exhibiting commendable defensive prowess, leading to a scoreless first seven minutes.

In the second half, Namilyango College broke the deadlock, scoring a try and taking the lead. However, Hana managed to level the score at 5 points apiece, setting the stage for an exhilarating climax.

The deadlock meant that the two teams had to turn to a series of drop goals to determine the ultimate winner.

Both sides had three attempts each to secure victory. However, it was the hosts who prevailed as they converted one of their three attempts, while Hana International failed to find the mark on any of their chances, missing all.

Namilyango College emerged as the champions of the first circuit.

The road to the final was filled with intense competition and exceptional performances from participating teams.

The participating teams were drawn into three pools, A, B, and C with the top teams advancing to the quarterfinals.

Namilyango and SPENNA, Hana International and Namilyango U17(Tigons), Green Hill and Vienna College exit their pools respectively to play in the quarter finals together with the best third placed qualifiers being London College and Light Academy.

The two Namilyango teams made it to semifinals and faced each other and the U19 side emerged victorious, advancing into the final.

On the other side of the bracket, Hana International and SPENA battled it out, with Hana ultimately prevailing and setting up a final against the hosts.

: Namilyango College, St Peters Naalya (SPENNA), Mt Olives
B: Hana, Namilyango U17 (Tigons), Light Academy
C: Greenhill, Vienna College, London College

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