Midfielder Okiring joins Soroti Thunders Football Club

For all the uncertainty in two seasons, third division entity Soroti Thunders Football Club remains focused.

The North Eastern based club has is among the regional clubs across the country that has not played football in more than two years (due to the Coronavirus pandemic) but remains solid administratively and has remained obliged to fulfil payment of their staff (technical and players).

The club has remained on course to beef up their players’ wing with important players.

The latest player on board is midfielder Anthony Okiring who joined after penning a two year deal from Flyers Football Club, Kitgum.

Okiring will put on shirt 21 throughout his duration at the club (unless otherwise).

He joins other players signed during the Coronavirus pandemic break as striker Jacob Kato, winger Perez Waiswa, left back Emmanuel Galis Mawa and another forward Abdallah Mwazinga Yiga, among others.

About Soroti Thunders:

Soroti Thunders Football Club started as Kengere Ward FC in 2012. They are nick-named as “The Brave”.

It was started by a passionate football enthuisat Samuel Peace Otati.

Later, they rebranded into Soroti Thunders Football Club.

They host their home matches at the Soroti Sports ground with their head coach as Geoffrey Akena, who replaced Steven Opus.

One of the prime objectives for the club is to strategize and build a big fan base across the divide in virtually all corners of the country.

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