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Local players better than foreign-based players



Jonathan Mckinstry in Dubai

Jonathan Mckinstry, Uganda cranes head coach recently noted that local players have obtained greater skills from the Dubai training camp the team journeyed for recently.

He adds that since the team has spent more time with their coaches during the camp it is good to report to say the given the skills they have attained they can help the foreign-based counterparts to catch up.

Mckinstry said that given the players’ exposure local and foreign-based players bring different tactics to the field and quoted by Football 256 to have said ”both local-based and foreign-based players bring different things to the group, obviously the Chan and CECAFA players have worked with this coaching staff a little more.

The head coach also said that they had had at least 40 training sessions with the players and so he believes they are tactfully advanced. He also emphasized that the players have to help their foreign-based brothers to pick up the tactics and that they need to help each other out in order to raise the levels. Mckinstry also said as the coaching department they are pleased with the first session of the camp.

Despite the immense performance at the training so far, the players’ journey was delayed due to the late travel clearances and Mckinstry strongly affirms that this delayed their plans generally. Mckinstry said that they would have wanted to commence much earlier but given the situations, they had to start that late.

He further noted they had had a great session and that the players have put in quite an effort under the hot conditions but that it had been good intensity there.

There has also been good quality to the work and Mckinstry believes that the combination of the home-based players and the foreign-based has been really great.

Besides that, Farouk Miya has stated that he is elated about getting back to the national team. The former Vipers SC striker was sidelined in the last two occasions before he joined the national team again for the Dubai camp.

Miya says he was injured and spent a lot of time sidelined last season so coming back is a really big honour. In his words, Miya was quoted saying, “It is an honour to represent my country and pleasure that we’ve all gathered here after a long period actually amounting to a year. I am really happy because the camp is vibrant and we are doing well and working hard.”

The Middle East training camp is meant to sharpen the players ahead of an AFCON qualifier against South Sudan.

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