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Kenya fined by CAF for violating COVID-19 guidelines



Confederation of African Football (CAF) has slapped restrictions on Kenyan authorities and fined the Kenya Football Federation (KFF) for dying the COVID-19 guidelines set up.

As per discoveries made by the CAF Disciplinary Board, Kenya conflicted with the rules set up to evade the spread of COVID-19 in their 2021 Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier game away to Comoros.

Comoros proceeded to dominate the match 2-1 in November a year ago yet a new report on the said game saw Kenya as blameworthy.

“The Kenyan team arrived a day ahead of match no. 94 that was played in Comoros, using a charter flight as they arrived late. At their arrival, the COVID-19 officer asked them to do the
PCR test, however they declined as they had a training session.” Reads the assertion from CAF.

As per the PCR tests duplicates that were obtained after the match Victor Mugubi Wantama, Musa Masika, John Avire and Eric Ouma Otieno tried positive yet proceeded to include in the game.

The Match Commissioner noticed that Kenyan authorities purposely deferred the cycle and proceeded to debate the outcomes.

“On the day of the match the General Secretary of the Comoros Football Federation came in
early to take their PCR tests, and he was met with refusal from the Kenyan national team’s
management, they delayed the process for three hours until they finally gave in. The test results arrived just a few minutes before Kick-off, during warm-up, due to the said delay.

The Commissioner did not get the chance to check the results himself as the Kenyan team disputed the results as soon as they have become aware of them and snatched them from his hands and tore them apart, claiming they want to use the PCR test results that were made in their home country ahead of their travels.”

In his report, the Match Commissioner recognized the people answerable for scuffle as Mr. Barry Otieno, the General Secretary of the Kenyan Football Federation and Mr. Ronny Oyando, the

Kenyan Team Manager.

The pair has accordingly been prohibited for a half year from football exercises identifying with CAF.

Kenya Football Federation as indicated by the decision will pay a heavy fine of USD 20,000 inside 60 days.