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KCCA’s Aheebwa’s best moments yet to come at the club



KCCA FC’s striker Brian Aheebwa recently signed a 3 year contract with the club is yet to have the best moments of his career. From Mbarara City FC where he spent 4 years, Aheebwa is expected to use this platform as a career stepping stone to elevate himself. Aheebwa os over the moon and anticipates a great season ahead and even foresees his 3 years at the club bring his game to the epitome.

KCCA FC has several other prominent strikers nd it is a chance for Brian to prove his first place in the club because at KCCA FC its is not a one bull in Kraal team like it was the case at Mbarara where the backup forwards were Makuweth Wol, Jude Ssemugabi, Siraje Musindo and at most dancing winger Ibrahim Orit.

As Aheebwa bids farewell to Mbarara Soccer Academy (MSA) who molded him, Mbarara City family and the family members that side, he comes to Kampala City, a complete environment.
Good enough, he is in the safe hands of friends for the right mentorship.
Former Mbarara City teammate Paul Mucureezi (now at Vipers) is expected to remind him about what he is supposed to do and how at such a club alongside another guru from Western Uganda, Siraje Turyamuhebwa who also played at the club.


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