Jinja Derby: Hippos, Walukuba Battle for Positions


Game week 18 fixtures | Saturday 13th April, 2023

KOBs Vs Pirates (4pm, Legends)
Rams Vs Heathens (4pm, Makerere)
Mongers Vs Rhinos (4pm, Entebbe)
Buffaloes Vs Impis (4pm, Kyadondo)
Hippos Vs Walukuba (4pm, Damwaters)

The final day of the Nile Special Rugby League season is finally here, and whilst most focus, eyes and thoughts are glued to the Legends game between KOBs and Pirates who face off in a title decider, the thoughts of Rugby fans in Jinja are undoubtedly, fully immersed in the game between Jinja Hippos and Walukuba Barbarians in the Jinja Derby.

The two sides are the biggest rugby establishments in Jinja and will be going head-to-head in the presence of their local fans at Damwaters.

Hippos, who are currently in fourth position with 45 points, won the first tie 43-11 in February at Abel Dhaira Memorial Stadium- home to Walukuba, who are sitting in eighth position with 23 points.

With this as the last game, Hippos will be looking to secure their fourth position since they face pressure from Buffaloes, who are in fifth place with 42 points. Buffaloes will be taking on Impis, who are in sixth place with 29 points, at Kyadondo.

If Buffaloes win their game and Hippos lose, the latter will see themselves slide humbly into fifth spot after rubbing shoulders with the big names in the top four for so long and so they come into this challenge aiming at nothing less of a victory.

Walukuba however, has been on an impressive performance run albeit losing 55-03 to title contenders-Pirates last week.

The newly promoted side has proved beyond doubt to belong to the “big ten” having convincingly survived relegation and coming off with shocking but plausible victories over some established league sides such as Impis, Rhinos, and Rams.

Hippos therefore cannot afford to take their opponents lightly and should be wary of Walukuba’s determination as they could be the next team to fall victim to Walukuba’s brilliance.

While Hippos are working at sealing fourth position, Walukuba is still in the running for the seventh position in the league which would be a memorable achievement to Leonard Lubambula’s charges.

They are two points behind Entebbe Mongers, who are in seventh place with 25 points. If Walukuba wins their game and Mongers lose against Rhinos, this season’s new league participants will have a chance to take over the seventh position.

Hippos cannot therefore afford to take their opponents lightly, as they have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Also, Jinja Hippos will come into this fixture with the desire to make it to 50 points obtained in a season for the very first time in the Nile Special Rugby league.

To achieve this, the Hippos will have to come off victorious with maximum points (bonus point victory, +5), and for the very first time, they will have amounted 50 points in a single season.

The Jinja Derby will determine the final league positions for Hippos and Walukuba.

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