Impis Overcome Rams in Enthralling Derby


Saturday, March 18

Buffaloes 03 – 21 Pirates
Rhinos 07- 31 Heathens
Hippos 14 – 29 Kobs
Rams 05 – 11 Impis
Mongers 30 – 09 Walukuba

Rams: 05
Tries: Obito
Yellow Cards: Kibirige*2, Kakala, Mungu, Othieno, Mukasa
Red cards: Kibirige

Impis : 11
Tries : Mpoza
Pens: Ssentongo*2
Yellow cards : Kizito, Ssentongo

As expected, the eighty minutes of the Makerere derby turned out to be very entertaining yet dramatic and controversial.

Like any other derby, it was a game of fine margins as it came down to decision making, and on this particular day, discipline.

The game saw a total of eight yellow cards (six to Rams, two to Impis) and one red card issued.

In the fourth minute, Rams was able to advance, earning themselves a chance at taking an early lead through a penalty in the Impis red zone but Micheal Kalyango put it wide from close range to keep the game scoreless.

For half an hour, no team was able to register a score on board as the game turned out to be extremely competitive, both teams proving to be well prepared and taking the fight to each other.

The teams’ defenses were tasked to work throughout the game and they were extremely good at both ends of the pitch.

Robert Ssentongo, in the half hour mark, was able to slot in a penalty to give Impis the lead after a long period of “nothingness” from both sides.

Just shy of the half time whistle, both teams were a man down as Rams’ Emmanuel Kibirige and Impis’ Roy Kizito were sent to the sin-bin for dangerous play and backchatting respectively.

Ssentongo’s three points were the difference between the two Makerere sides at half time.

Rams came back into the second half with much vigor, pressing onto the Impis defense and causing them to error.

Rams’ endless efforts got them awarded three penalties, within Impis territory and at kickable distances. Kalyango, whose kicking boot surely seemed not be on its best form, missed all kicking attempts in the game.

While Rams were unable to pick up points from their end of attack, Impis were doing just the opposite on theirs.

Ssentongo extended the lead with yet another brilliantly taken penalty, giving Impis some breathing space at 00 – 06.

A yellow card was shown to Jude Kakala of Rams for an intended interception of play, and for the second time in the game, Rams was down to 14 men.

A fist fight ensued in the 60th minute and saw two other yellow cards given to Ssentongo( Impis) and Mungu (Rams).

With two players in the sin-bin, and with 13 men against 14, Rams were able to finally score themselves a try through Kenneth Obito, who sneaked through the Impis defense and painted on the try line reviving his team’s spirit but again, Rams kickers proved to not be having the best day as Hashim Kabogoza, missed the easiest of conversions that would have put Rams ahead of their rivals.

Impis’ eighth-man Pius Mpoza came off-bench to break Rams revived spirits by scoring for his side four minutes into stoppage, a missed conversion would extend their lead just by 6 points to 05-11.

In a game where adrenaline levels were high, Rams’ Kibirige earned himself a second yellow card which had him sent off with on red card in the 39th minute.

Impis head coach Syrus Ssebuliba believes his side would have put up a much better performance.

“We would have performed better but we are happy the win, it’s important for the boys and raises their spirits going into the next games” he said.

When asked about Rams missing kicks from close range, he had this to say,

“We were just lucky, any other day Rams punishes you with such penalties and so the boys should stop conceding uncalled for penalties.”

The loss means Rams stay at the trails of the league with no game won, and now with eight games left to play, they stand a higher risk of relegation.

Impis on the other hand will be glad to have gone back to winning ways having lost their last five games.

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