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Ibrahim kasinde believes the journey has started at Bright Stars FC.



Masaza cup boy, Ibrahim kasinde, unveiled as Soltilo Bright Stars FC player on three year contract.

The right winger joins the Mwererwe outfit from Kampala University FC – Masaka Campus in the regional league.

Kasinde is excited about his move and believes the journey has started and promises never do disappoint anyone.

“Nothing great was ever archived without enthusiasm the journey has started Allah has a plan, am really very happy for everyone who has been praying for me may Allah bless you all won’t disappoint anyone it’s time to work hard for next step, Jah please lead through everything it’s time to shine let us shine.” Kasinde posted on his Facebook.

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As he starts a new journey in the top-flight league, Kasinde has previously featured in Masaza cup for two teams, Singo and Busujju.

He joins a long list of new recruits by Baker Mbowa, the likes of Jamil Nvule, Samson Mutyaba, Samuel Sekamatte Kayongo, Benson Wagima, Emmanuel Loki, Gabriel Elagu, Marvin Ssemayage, Joseph Akandwanaho, Warren Buule and Sadam Masereka.

Meanwhile, Derrick Ngobi, Sulaiman Sebunza, Andrew Kagwa and Tamale Simon have extended their contracts with Soltilo Bright Stars FC.


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