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How “Ebbango Waliwanika” Rick Manrick managed to succeed in both Music and Football



Many didn’t know that Rickman is an active professional footballer playing his professional football at Savedalen IF Sävedalen IF, a second division entity based in Gothenburg city, Sweden.

In the same city, where he was formerly a student teacher at the Kvarnbyskolean School for Children with otism.

The Attacker Derrick Ddungu whose stage name is “Rickman Manrick” is a fast paced footballer with awesome close ball control, accurate passing and good dribbling skills often galvanized by fancy step overs. Back in the days, Rickman concentrated on music during a spell he was done injured.

Who is Rick Manrick?

Derrick Ddungu commonly known as “Rick Manrick” was born on 25/12/1997 in Mengo, Kampala district meaning he is 22 years old. In Uganda, he played for The reds, Kampala Junior Team (KJT), Friends of Football (FOF) and currently plays as a attacker for Sävedalens IF.

Rickman was inspired by Portuguese football ace Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro, a five time FIFA Ballon d’Or winner in 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

In his music career, Ddungu has released several singles namely; Naki, Bango Waliwanika, Okilinamu Obuzibu, Basumbuyi, Naye Tunyumirwe, Tum Tum, Kasonso, Wakanda, Tekako Ka Radio, My Baby, Tuula Wansi as well as the latest Gwanga Mujje.

He grew up admiring American rapper Shawn Corey “Jayz” Carter with his best song “Ngamba” produced by the duo of Radio (deceased) and Weasel

In his statements Rickman narrated how he ended up joining the music industry;

“The reason I did music is when I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the knee and I had a surgery in 2016. I was going to be out for a whole year so when I was bored, I started doing music.

My first single was ‘Naki’ did in December 2017 with producer Artin Pro. Then, the rest came flowing. Music has always been a passion of mine besides football.

Ebango Waliwanika was a break-through song indeed to my music career. I look forward producing many hit songs” he remarks.

 “I came back from injury in 2018 as I joined Sävedalen IF but again injured my meniscus and had a second knee surgery though it was not a long wait . After 3 months I was back. Am currently playing for Sävedalen IF as a forward sometimes as a winger” he added I think the marketing doesn’t differ that much because they both fall under entertainment. May be sports has bodies that govern it and music is more of an individual effort most of the times I mean you can do a show alone but you can’t play a game alone even Messi can’t play alone. I think the marketing is almost the same in this era we have social media. Clubs have social media pages well as the musicians do as well. I think in terms of marketing 60% to 40% football is marketed more than music but music can market football which football can not. Anyways, it is not a simple thing to explain


Rickman Manrick performs

“One day, I would wish to play in the Uganda Premier League” Rickman dreams