FUFA fines Kataka FC and head coach after misconduct in the game against Kyetume FC.

FUFA disciplinary committee has made ruling from the match of Betpawa Fufa Big league pitted between Kyetume FC and Kataka FC that was not played to completion over the last weekend on Sunday, 22nd October.

Kyetume FC was awarded a late penalty and Coach Toldo Godfrey called his players from the field of play and the game was halted demanding the rescinding of the decision by the referee.

Kataka FC together with the coach, Godfrey Toldo Awachango have been found guilty of the offence.

Kataka FC has lost the game by forfeit to Kyetume FC and have been slapped with a fine of 2,000,000.

Meanwhile, Coach Toldo has been suspended from all related football activities until 19th November and has to pay a fine of 1,000,000 before the suspension ends.

The Full Rulling from FUFA disciplinary committee.

Kataka FC, Head coach Toldo sanctioned

The FUFA Disciplinary Panel (FDP) has sanctioned Kataka FC and their Head coach Godfrey Awachango Toldo for violating FUFA Competitions rules and regulations during their game against Kyetume FC on 22nd October 2023.

Kataka FC were found guilty after their Head coach Godfrey Awachango Toldo called players off the pitch when a penalty was awarded in the 90th minute to Kyetume FC. The penalty was eventually not taken and the game never completed.

The FDP sanctioned Kataka and their Head coach in application of Article 13(1), 13(3) and 18(6) of the FUFA Ethics and Disciplinary Code.

Kataka FC loses the match by forfeiture and fined 2,000,000= (Two Million Shillings) while the Head Coach is suspended with immediate effect from all football activities until 19th November 2023.

The Head coach Godfrey Awachango Toldo is further sanctioned with a cash fine of UGX 1,000,000(Uganda Shillings One Million) and should be paid by completion of his suspension.

The fine must be paid immediately. He is prohibited from taking part in any football activities until the fine is paid in full.

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