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Football rated at high risk to spread Covid-19 amid resumption of sports activities



This week President Museveni posted on his social media platforms depicting how sports activities across the whole world have resumed with restrictions to spectators.

With the ongoing lifting of lockdown on distinguished sectors in the country, President’s insight makes sports men and women optimistic to get back to their respective sports activities.

This follows discussions from concerned stakeholders with Ministry of Health Covid-19 taskforce and States Minister for Sports. Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) President Eng.Moses Magogo met with Sports Minister Hamson Obua to discuss on how to address lifting of football activities.


However, with President’s comment on re-thinking about lifting of sports activities under observation of standard operating procedure having observed it working in other countries leaves sports team optimistic of resumption after five months of closure.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Santos a outstanding licensed football agent in Uganda’s football confirmed that all teams in the Big league and Uganda Premier League are busy handling transfers in preparation for forthcoming campaign.

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