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Financial Constraints To Deter Smooth Comeback For Pool



Despite the public ululations and optimistic expectation of the return of most sports following the president’s green light on sports activities on Sunday, the return of pool maybe a little complicated.

The NCS recently named pool among the low-risk sports alongside archery, cycling, darts, skating athletics motorsport, swimming and skating.  However, the return of pool is encountering financial complications citing the adjustments to the new normal a little hard to implement inasmuch as playing under social distancing and playing behind closed doors a walk in the park.

This financial strained has not only come recently even when the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the already worse situation that caused the Pool Association of Uganda to haphazardly call off some of its activities.

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Furthermore, the players have also been affected by the inadequate access to training facilities as most of them do not own personal training equipment like the tables and cues and have in the past relied on bars and clubs for training and these have since been closed following the corona outbreak. This therefore has caused serious retardation amongst most of the players.

The suspension of the game earlier also affected the livelihood of the players as most of them relied on it as a great source of income for their living and therefore the closure shuttered the hopes of many as they were left unemployed even when only a few resorted to other alternatives like farming and other odd jobs to make ends meet in a bid to bridge the gap left by their unemployment.

Currently, about five activities could be still be played and these include; the prestigious National open, Kampala Open Club’s knock out, Christmas cup and All Africa Pool championship which will be in South Africa.

The financial hardships have been primarily due to the withdrawal of major sponsoring companies like Nile Breweries and Bet way. This has left the association in a state of insufficiency and also made it fail to give out cash prizes since the 2018/19 season which has dropped the morale of the sportsmen inasmuch as they are hungry for the sport. In addition to that, the NCS says given its meagrely funded budget it cannot provide facilitation to sports which have over 50 clubs signed to it.


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