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Bbosa – Kalyesubula family goal keeping legacy.



Kalyesubula, Bbosa and Kyobe: True goalkeeping family affairIt is not every day that talent runs in family lines in as much as parents would love their kids to carry on the mantle of their achievements in various fields.

Well, in the sports arena we have seen such occurrences too and today we shall be talking about the legendary goalkeeper, Kalyesubula who led the family legacy of goalkeeping.

Bbosa and his child, specifically, can be contrasted with incredible Peter Schmeichel who dominated for Denmark and Manchester United 20 years prior to wind up being positioned among the main 10 goalkeepers of the 20th century while his child Kasper has so far made a name for Leicester City and Denmark.

Also, shouldn’t something be said about the late Dr. Lazious Bamundaga whose children were sufficient to shape a genuine football named they named Dr. Bamundaga FC that was situated in Mubende?

Kalyesubula is renowned for his extreme command in his goal sphere and also for his hard to beat legacy that not many of the contemporary goalkeepers have equalled

At the dawn of this century, Jimmy Bbosa’s son Hannington Kalyesubula decided to continue the family legacy in safe hands.

The story of family members trading in the same sport and position has been quite rare more so in Uganda but Bbosa and Kalyesubula’s is the most resounding.


Kalyesubula’s actual football career began in 2001 when he joined SC villa. In his first years at the club, he hardly had grounds to shine given even more experienced goalkeepers at the time like Posnet Omony and Andrew Jjombwe who out shadowed his efforts.

However, in 2003 when SC villa emerged best at the CECAFA Kagame camp under their Serbian coach Mulitin Sredojevic marked the genesis of his gallantry.

Kalyesubula later also left the team for police in 2005 and in 2006 he won the CECAFA Kagame cup with them. Thereafter he joined St.George in Ethiopia where he won 2 league titles then came back home to SC villa.

Despite his former legacy at the club, his career encountered a setback in 2010 following an incident of protest that leads to his being sacked from the team. This protest was due to delayed salaries that Kalyesubula and some other players saw as injustice and decided to boycott club activities which did not end on a positive note.

The evening of his career was nevertheless spent in Tanzania where he played for Kagera Sugar and later proceed to Mbeya of Tanzania before he retired.

Kalyesubula is remembered for his ability to terminate long shots and also for his good control of his defenders.

On the other hand, Bbosa his father was also credited for having a perfect game where he would instinctively predict the direction where opponents would shoot and was always in the right place to collect the ball.

Kalyesubula Accomplishments

  • Played for State House, SC Villa, Police, Saint George, Kagera Sugar, Rwenshoma and Mbeya City.
  • Won the league with SC Villa in 2003.
  • Won the Uganda Cup with SC Villa in 2008.
  • Won the Cecafa Kagame Cup with SC Villa in 2003.
  • Won the league with Police in 2005.
  • Won the Cecafa Kagame Club Championship with Police in 2006.
  • Won the league with St. George of Ethiopia in 2006 and 2007.
  • Played for the National U-20 (Kobs) and U-23 teams sides.
  • Played seven matches for Uganda Cranes.
  • At SC Villa, young Denis Onyango was the understudy to Kalyesubula.
  • In 2018, he was appointed goalkeepers coach at Jinja- Kirinya FC.


Bbosa was an instrumental member of the bankers’ team, UCB that won the class title in 1979, to break the past pattern of convention clubs – Prisons, Coffee, Simba, Express and KCCA.

UCB team of 1980: Back row (L-R): Ben Omoding (Coach), Emma Kalanzi, Jimmy Bbosa Snr, Mike Alere, Vincent Khisa, Fred Kasumba, Nafas Ouma, Martin Ochagam, David Mugerwa and Titi. Front row (L-R) Patrick Kigongo, Samuel Okiror, Edward Baguma, Dakitari Jalobo, Fred Serwadda, Jimmy Bbosa Junior, Dan Lutalo and Jimmy Muguwa

Patrick Kigongo, who played with Bbosa (alluded to as Junior to separate him from the club’s other senior player and forward who passed by a comparable name) says the goalkeeper was seen in Masaka where the club had gone for development matches in preparation of the 1979 season.

[su_quote cite=”Kigongo says”]Bbosa was a goalkeeper in one of the village teams we played against. He put up an outstanding performance denying us so many scoring chances. Certainly, there was no way we were going to leave him behind,[/su_quote]

Kigongo describes Bbosa Jnr. as having had height suitable for a good goalkeeper. “Not too tall and not too short” and besides his weight was average.

[su_quote]Bbosa had muscular hands with very big palms; anyone who happened to shake his hands could certainly feel them.  Actually we used to tease him saying that he once must have been a sailor whose powerful hands could easily manage to steer big boats away from dangerous rough waters[/su_quote]

As per Kigongo, Bbosa’s goliath palms worked out the enchantment with which he used to tame amazing shots that came his way from savage strikers

[su_quote]We all used to be amazed with the way Bbosa firmly stopped and held powerful shots from hard shooters like Leo Adraa and Godfrey Kateregga and he rarely used to punch them away. This way I used to compare Bbosa to former goalkeepers like Ali Ssendegeya at Coffee and Express.[/su_quote]

Bbosa was credited to having an ideal game perusing just equivalent to previous KCCA incredible George Mukasa. Bbosa would naturally tell the course rivals would shoot and he was in the opportune spot to promptly collect the ball without any difficulty.

Bbosa’s remarkable goalkeeping capacity was exhibited when UCB won the 1979 league on the way conceding the least number of goals (15) contrasted with KCCA (28) that had  Cranes best option goalkeeper in Jamil Kasirye.

Bbosa’s most vulnerable point was in effect so fickle and used to respond rapidly and severely at whatever point violated or fouled on the pitch. His goalkeeping profession didn’t keep going long as he later hung up his boots and went into personal business as a long-distance truck driver.

His younger brother Livingstone Kyobe much later emerged as a goalkeeper for SC Villa and the Uganda Cranes.

In the early 2000s, it was Bbosa’s son, Hannington Kalyesubula, to continue the family legacy of safe hands.

Bbosa Accomplishments

  • Joined a top league club UCB from upcountry and captured a first-team place.
  • Won the league with UCB in 1979 beating KCCA to the second spot.
  • Conceded the least number of goals (15) in the 1979 league.
  • Was a good game reader and could control well powerful shots.
  • Was good at organising defences
  • Reached the 1978 Uganda Cup final with UCB but lost 1-0.
  • Reached the 1981 Uganda Cup final losing in penalties to Coffee FC

UCB team of 1980: Back row (L-R): Ben Omoding (Coach), Emma Kalanzi, Jimmy Bbosa Snr, Mike Alere, Vincent Khisa, Fred Kasumba, Nafas Ouma, Martin Ochagam, David Mugerwa and Titi. Front row (L-R) Patrick Kigongo, Samuel Okiror, Edward Baguma, Dakitari Jalobo, Fred Serwadda, Jimmy Bbosa Junior, Dan Lutalo and Jimmy Muguwa


He is one of the main four goalkeepers that have captained the national team, the Cranes with others being Nafutali Ggumba Musoke during the 50s, John Agadi during the 60s and presently Denis Onyango.

Kyobe’s aerobatic aptitudes made up for his absence of stature and he would handily jump to drive the ball away. Like Kalyesubula, he additionally included for SC Villa and Uganda Cranes.

Kyobe rose on the footballing scene around 1994 supplanting Mike Mukasa at both SC Villa and the Cranes.

In 1994, he won the league cup with SC Villa, the season the Jogoos pipped Express by only two points.

SC Villa collected 67 points contrasted with Express’ 65. Generally significant of all with Livingston Kyobe in goal SC Villa went on to concede 16 goals only.

Furthermore, did you realize that Kyobe was Villa skipper before Edgar Watson? Yet, how did Edgar Watson assume control over the commander’s band from Kyobe? It was in 1997 when KCCA met SC Villa in a decisive league match.

KCCA played psyche games with SC Villa with word circumventing that various top Villa players had been paid off by KCCA to sell the match, something that couldn’t be affirmed.

In front of the essential match the SC Villa administration overhauled the entire team terminating few top players like Kyobe, Livingston Mbabazi, Fred Makokha, Paul Mutakabala, Adolf Bola, and Gibby Kalule.

With the exit of Kyobe, accordingly, the club’s captainship went to Edgar Watson. KCCA proceeded to dominate the essential game effectively beating the drained SC Villa 2-0 to win the league.

Aside from SC Villa, Kyobe played professional football in Thailand in 1999 while playing for Central FC he was once ranked as the best foreign player in the country. He additionally had preliminaries in France.

Livingstone Kyobe likewise played and captained the national team the Cranes with his best season being 1994-1995 when he highlighted in five AFCON qualifiers.

One second he would consistently wish to overlook was in 1996 during the 1998 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying effort. Uganda drew 1-1 with Ethiopia during the first leg at Nakivubo on August 11, 1996.

Uganda’s goal was scored by Ibrahim Buwembo. Uganda would have won 1-0 had Kyobe’s late mix-up not gifted the Ethiopians an equalizer. A back pass from Edward Kalungi fallen through Kyobe’s legs and into the Cranes net.

During the return leg in Addis Ababa the match finished in one-all and Uganda later lost 4-2 in the spot kicks to quit the race.

Kyobe Accomplishments

  • Played for SC Villa and won the 1994 national league.
  • Lost only one match with SC Villa en route to the 1994 league.
  • Captained SC Villa and was later succeeded by Edgar Watson.
  • Despite being short, he was so good at aerial balls and diving.
  • Among few goalkeepers that have captained the  Cranes team.
  • During the 1994-1995 season, he played in five Afcon Qualifiers.
  • Played professional football in Thailand

Livingstone Kyobe, George Ssemwogerere, Richard Kirumira, Abdu Nsubuga, Robert Mukiibi (Wibur Musika), Friday Senyonjo, Godfrey Mugisha (Ibrahim Kizito), Joseph Mutyaba, Fred Makhoha, Jackson Mayanja and Fred Tamale



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